​​​“The Great Brassmonkey Bay Jewel Robbery is full of wonderful adventures, surprise facts, and witty, amusing characters. Better yet, the narrative of teenage Zookeeper twins, Pip and Pax, takes the reader from fantasy to real life in ways that are poignant, entertaining and thought-provoking. This is quite simply delightful entertainment for young readers and their entire families!” Peter Peine

"The Great Brassmonkey Bay Jewel Robbery is a wonderfully heartwarming book for children and early teens. Judith Lydia Mercure has created a story that is full of fun, with endless and fascinating information about animals and birds, intrigue and adventure. The characters are delightful and varied. They come to hilarious life through the eyes of the zookeeper twins, Pax and Pip, creating a story that is modern, thought provoking and lots of fun, with a twist at the end that is unexpected and charming. A must-buy present for any young teen who loves to read. The series will have them clamoring for more." Stephanie Shaw

“A fun tale, full of imagination, nefarious villains, precocious critters and an out-of-control possum. The kids will love it!” Michel and Jim Gale

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