Meet  Judith Lydia Mercure

​​The Great Brassmonkey Bay Jewel Robbery 
by Judith Lydia Mercure, $19.95
(c) Brio Multimedia 2020, ISBN 978-1-09832-217-5

Scarlet screams, dropping the gun.  It hits the deck and the rifle discharges, puncturing the fuel keg. When a trail of fluid runs across the deck like a frightened rodent, no one moves. 

The Great Brassmonkey Bay Jewel Robbery is Sydney writer Judith Lydia Mercure's third work of family fiction. Previous works include The Magic Island Gang (ebook) and Dandy and Stout: An Unusual Friendship. She is currently at work on another Adventures of the Magic Island Gang series, Lost in Larrikin Landing, as well as a YA novel, Bitterroot Homestead.