Meet  Judith Lydia Mercure

​​The Great Brassmonkey Bay Jewel Robbery 
by Judith Lydia Mercure, $19.95
(c) Brio Multimedia 2020, ISBN 978-1-09832-217-5

The Great Brassmonkey Bay Jewel Robbery is US-Australian writer Judith Lydia Mercure's third work of family fiction. Previous works include The Magic Island Gang (ebook) and Dandy and Stout: An Unusual Friendship. She is currently at work on another Adventures of the Magic Island Gang series, Lost in Larrikin Landing, as well as a powerful family saga of multigeneration sin and forgiveness, Bitterroot Homestead. 

Scarlet screams, dropping the gun.  It hits the deck and the rifle discharges, puncturing the fuel keg. A trail of fluid runs across the deck like a frightened rodent. Scarlet  and the Gang freeze